Tonton Bicha in a Haiti Rum Commercial

Tonton Bicha in a Haiti Rum Commercial

Here is a photo of Tonton Bicha making a commercial for Rum Bakara, a rum imported to Haiti from the Dominican Republic

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The other day, Le Nouveliste wrote an article with the title: "Pour un rhum importé, Bicha avilit le vaudou et Barbancourt." Tonton Bicha was not to happy about that. So he wrote a letter to Le Nouveliste... Here is the English translation of that letter...

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Haitian actor Daniel Fils-Aime aka Tonton Bicha is in the hot seat because of his latest commercial for Bakara, a rum imported from the Dominican Republic into Haiti...The latest commercial is calling Bakara a "Rhum Culturel", that has upset a lot of people.

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Woody says...

I don't think Tonton Bicha had this mind but Bakara AND Barbancourt are getting lots of free airtime (AND Social Media time) because of this sudden controversial

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