Northern Haiti

City of Pilate, Northern Haiti - View from Morne Calvaire

City of Pilate, Northern Haiti - View from Morne Calvaire

Look at this photo... I had a chance to spend a few days in the beautiful city of Pilate, Northern Haiti, hometown of a close friend of mine. Pilate is a beautiful and very green little Haitian city on top of a mountain in the Plaisance Arrondissement, in the Nord Department of Haiti...

Waking up in Pilate is a breath of fresh air and I mean that literally... Pilate is one of the rare places I visited in Haiti where you can sleep all night long with no air conditioning and no fans (vantilatè).

The streets of Pilate are fully paved although, getting there from Gros-Morne, I must say, is an exciting off-road experience.

The photo you are looking at is a picture I took while standing atop "Mòn Kalvè" (Morne Calvaire or Calvary Hill in English) a steep rocky hill right outside the city.

"Si ti kò-w pa bon, pa pran chans monte Mòn Kalvè nan Pilate... LOL... Se eksperyans k-ap pale... "

I was so freaking tired half way up the hill that I stopped pretending that I was taking a picture... And that's how this breathtaking photo came to life.

Stay tuned for more stories from Pilate Haiti...

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