Raymond Joseph, Ambassador Of Haiti

Raymond Joseph, Ambassador Of Haiti

Raymond A. Joseph is the Hatian ambassador to the United States .

Raymond Joseph is a Haitian political activist and journalist.

Raymond Joseph spent 19 years in New York under a death sentence imposed in absentia by the murderous regime of François "Papa Doc" Duvalier, Haiti. Duvalier was enraged by his broadcasts and writings against the dictatorship.

During that time, Raymond Joseph got a job as a financial reporter for the "Wall Street Journal".

From 1970 to 1984, he covered everything from the Manville asbestos trials to the advent of the Sony Walkman. In 1984, Raymond Joseph resigned from the Journal to edit the Brooklyn community newspaper he owned with his brother, "Haiti Observateur".

After the Duvaliers were ousted, Raymond Joseph served as charge d'affaires in Washington, but in 1991 he returned to the paper in Brooklyn.

Raymond Joseph returned as charge d'affaires of the Haitian Embassy in April 2004, and officially became ambassador in August 2005.

Source-"The Washington Diplomat" washdiplomat.com

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