Ralph Gilles, Haitian Automobile Designer, CEO of Chrysler

Ralph Gilles, Haitian Automobile Designer, CEO of Chrysler

Ralph V. Gilles is an Haitian automobile designer, Born in the USA, Raised in Canada.

Ralph Gilles is the designer behind the Chrysler 300.

Ralph Gilles was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer, Dodge Car Brand, Chrysler Group LLC, October 2009

Gilles was born in New York City to Haitian immigrants and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

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Haitian car designer [[http://www.belpoz.com/picture-4701 Ralph Gilles]] is now the new CEO for Dodge Car Brand, Chrysler Group LLC!

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Ricardo says...

His parents are Haitian so therefore he's

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Ralph Mckean says...

I have a concept idea, Build a step side lil red express hemi, and a warlock diesel step side....

Sounds cool to

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Voudun Queen Laf says...

If the Haitian populace was not so quick to reject Haitians who live or were born in the U.S., maybe Haiti would have been a couple of steps ahead by now. There are a lot of Haitian Americans who have a love for Haiti.

Maybe, if the natives were more receptive to the Diaspora, the country would be further along then it currently

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Kenzlebreton says...

Good job Gilles.

But i wonder why don't you put a school of design in

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Del Rio says...

If someone was born in the USA, then he is an American and not Haitian.

Haitian is not a race, but the nationality of those who were born on Haitian land Regardless of race or ethnicity.

The Haitian constitution is very clear concerning the Haitian nationality.

Please stop making false claim as though somebody with an with an American birth certificate would be considered Haitian.


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Ramon Tiru says...

Am from P.R. Am ben living in CT all my life. I thing l got the best Designs SUV spot SS addiction .for 2020..l do not know what to do with it.l wil like to live it to Dodger company...if my best Design go an production ..what l will get?.l be happy with sport dodge car.wtby.CT.06704...203-510-0915..


I love your

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Clozel Michel says...

I take my time to congratulate Mr Ralph Gilles because I am a Haitian immigrant to come to U .S.A.

After graduate from Haiti law school.

I wish the best for averything you do Keep doing what you love to do think

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Jean says...

Can you guys stop saying he is an Haitian.

He was born in the US and raised in Canada.

the Haitian is the one who was born and raised in Haiti.

Period! If this guy was raised in Haiti he wouldn't be able to design even one your fresco box you keep for 300

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Laurie Clarkson says...

How can I contact Mr. Gilles?

I'd like to e-mail him about an experience I had at a Dodge dealership.

This is very important.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, Laurie

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