PHOTO - Haitian Passports

PHOTO - Haitian Passports

Look at this photo, different types of Haitian passports, The regular passport, passeport diplomatique, passeport officiel, Permis de sejour

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For everyone in Haiti who was impatiently waiting for their Haitian passports, your wait is over... The Haitian Ministry of the Interior just announced that passport books will be available as early as next week at the central immigration office and all passport reception and delivery centers across the country.

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Haiti Immigration News -- The newly elected government of Barbados has abolished the visa requirement for Haitian nationals entering Barbados, a requirement they say is "illegal".

Read: Barbados Gov't abolishes visa requirements for Haitians

Haitians will soon be able to move freely in all the CARICOM countries, as early as 30 March 2018; however, It will not be as easy as going to Chile... There is a catch...

Read: Haitians Travelers will soon be Free to move about in CARICOM Countries, but there's a catch

Passport prices are going up next fiscal year in Haiti but NOT if you pay the passport stamp (timbre passeport) to DGI before October 1st... Read this...

Read: Haiti Passport Notice: Pay DGI before October 1st, Get your passport for the same old price next year

Haiti Immigration News -- Mexican authorities have decided to regularize thousands of Haitians in irregular situation stuck in the Mexican-USA border who were hoping to cross to the United States.

Read: Haiti Migration - Mexico wants to regularize all Haitians stranded in Tijuana

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