PHOTO: Haiti RAPADOU - Unrefined Whole Cane Sugar

PHOTO: Haiti RAPADOU - Unrefined Whole Cane Sugar

Look at this photo... Haitian RAPADOU is an unrefined all natural whole cane brown sugar made in Haiti... Rapadou is a solid form of sucrose made from the boiling and evaporation of sugarcane juice...

The cane juice is boiled for a some time and, once dried, it is Once dried, the resulting product is wrapped in a round dried palm leaf form called a "kayet".

In French, Rapadou is Sucre Brun Artisanal Haitien.

Is Spanish, Rapadou is called Panela or Raspadura.

In portugese, Rapadou is called Rapadura.

In Mexico, Rapadou is called Piloncillo.

In Bolivia, Rapadou is called Chankaka.

Some people claim that rapadou is healthier than refined sugar.

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