PHOTO: Guy Etienne - Haiti Teacher

PHOTO: Guy Etienne - Haiti Teacher

Look at this photo... Guy Etienne - Haiti Teacher and headmaster at Collège Catts Pressoir in Port-au-Prince.

Guy has been the headmaster of College Catts Pressior in Port-au-Prince since 1982, when he gave up his PhD studies in France to take over the school from his retiring father-in-law. Under his leadership the school has become a benchmark for quality in the Haitian educational community, teaching children as well as training teachers in public schools across the country and public servants in the Ministry of Education.

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Guy Pressoir, a Haitian school teacher from College Catts Pressoir in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is among the top 10 finalists nominated for the Global Teacher Prize, a $1 million award that is considered the "Nobel Prize for teaching..." Wow... Is this Great news or what?

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