Nostradamus Haiti Predictions

Nostradamus Haiti Predictions

Did Nostradamus make any predictions for Haiti? Did Nostradamus predict Haiti Earthquake and Cholera Outbreak?

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If no one is talking about Jean-Claude Duvalier today on the anniversary date of his death, his son certainly is... François-Nicolas Duvalier, known as 'Ti Nicolas' when his father was president for life, released a photo of a side of the ex president that only his family knows, a father holding his newborn son.

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Last week we told you Haitian singer Roger M. Eugene, aka Shoubou, leader singer of Tabou Combo was hospitalized. Well, there's good news, Shoubou is out of the hospital and is ready to hop on the stage this coming weekend in Boston.

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Former first lady of Haiti Michèle Bennett Duvalier, remembers her late husband, President Jean Claude 'BabyDoc' Duvalier on this day, October 4th, the anniversary date of the death of former dictator of Haiti. Read her message here.

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[B]Food For Thought -[BB] I just read two predictions by [[ Nostradamus]] and they both seem to point to Haiti, the earthquake and the cholera outbreak. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Read: Did Nostradamus Predict The Haiti Earthquake and Cholera Outbreak?

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