Chien Janbe - Street Food in Haiti - Mayi Moulin Kole Ak Pwa

Chien Janbe - Street Food in Haiti - Mayi Moulin Kole Ak Pwa

Haiti's Street food is called "Chien Janbe" by fellow Haitians... What do Foreigners call it? do they eat it?

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Here in Haiti they have what we call street food, food that you order from a vendor on the street. They don't have fast food in terms of a McDonald's, but they do have street food. A friend of ours here jokingly said that street food is Haiti's version of fast food because you can pull up and place your order at a sidewalk vendor and get your food relatively fast.

Now, here is the deal. Street food is awesome. A little risky because you need to order from someone you know and trust, to make sure you won't get sick from their cleaning practices, but awesome! Let's just say that I refuse to eat McDonald's in the states but would eat Haitian street food in a minute.

This text is from a blog post, Street Food, by Shannon Keley, a missionary who lives in southern Haiti

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Talè a, mwen gen yon grangou la-a... Pou 75 goud pitit, mwen manje vant plen... ni mwen, ni kouzen-m nan ki ashte chien janbé-a...

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