Hopital Universitaire De Mirebalais - Haiti

Hopital Universitaire De Mirebalais - Haiti

Partners in Health's 200,000-square-foot hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti is set to officially open its doors on April 28th, boasting state of the art facilities and incredible sustainable design features. With an anticipated 500 patients per day, Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) will provide primary care services to over 185,000 people living in Mirebalais and its two neighboring communities.

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Did you know? A survey conducted by St-Luc Hospital and the Maryland Medical Center revealed that only 5 hospitals in the entire country are able to provide appropriate medical coverage 24 hours a day.

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Have you heard??? The Haiti university hospital of Mirebalais is going through some serious financial problems. Hospital managers have difficulty finding funds to operate and the Haitian government is not helping...

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On May 24 2013, Partners in Health [[http://www.pih.org/media/hopital-universitaire-de-mirebalais-opens-its-doors posted]] on their website that the University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti, had already reached 4,239 registered patients as of May 3rd.

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