Haitian Passports - List of Frequently Asked Questions

Haitian Passports - List of Frequently Asked Questions

The Haitian passport is is a travel document issued to any Haitian citizen who requires it for international travel.

As long as you can provide proof of Haitian citizenship and proof of identity, you can get your Haitian passport in no time.

List of Frequently Asked Questions about obtaining a Haitian Passport

What do I need to get my Haitian passport?

To obtain a Haitian passport, you must be citizen of Haiti and furnish proof thereof, one proof in particular is the latest version of the extrait d'archives from les Archives Nationales d'Haïti --- an extract of your Birth Certificate from the National Archives of Haiti.

How much is a Haitian passport?

For Haitians in the diaspora, the Haitian passport application fee $ 145.00USD.

How much does a Haitian passport cost in Haiti?

In Haiti, the price for a Haitian passport went from 2,500 gourdes to 6,000 gourdes

How many years is a Haitian passport for?
How long before a Haitian Expire?

Before a Haitian passport was issued for 5 years but the new Haitian passports are issued for 10 years.

If you have any other questions about obtaining a Haitian passport that is not on this list, let us know by posting a comment and we will update this list.

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