Haitian American Flag

Haitian American Flag

Haitian Americans - here is a photo the Haitian Flag and the American Flag together

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Many Haitian-Americans suffer from Bad Credit and there are many so called Credit Repair professionals all over Haitian radio in the Diaspora promising to make your bad credit problem go away. Some of them are lying to you...

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I have Good News... Haitian Basketball player Skal Labissiere has just been drafted in the 2016 National Basketball Association (NBA). Watch the video: 2016 NBA Draft - #28 Pick: Skal Labissiere - Phoenix Suns

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In case you are wondering how many Haitians are in the Diaspora around the world, here are the numbers... Here is what we found out the number of Haitians living in the Diaspora...

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If you are Haitian visiting or living illegally in the United States, any children of yours, born in the USA, will no longer be considered U.S. Citizens.

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Why is it that Haitians, Haitian-Americans, diasporas, etc. can sit here in America and say "proud to be Haitian", "proud to be Haitian" while their people are dying by the thousands everyday and they do absolutely nothing; yet they are proud to be Haitian.

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He is right, being born on foreign soil doesn't make you less Haitian than those born in Haiti. Its a matter of technicality. If you become a...

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