Haiti Identification Card - Carte d'Identite

Haiti Identification Card - Carte d'Identite

Here is the Haitian Identification card, called a Carte d'Identite Nationale.

This is the ID card of my grand mother Adrienne Joseph

Every Haitian has a NIF... What is a NIF?

NIF in Haiti means:
- numéro d'immatriculation fiscale
- numéro d'identité fiscale
- numéro d'identification fiscale

It all means the same thing. Here is where it comes from:

The Haitian fiscal identity card was created in 1987 by the Haiti Tax Branch (Direction générale des impôts or DGI), which assigned a fiscal registration number (numéro d'immatriculation fiscale or NIF) to all Haitian citizens and foreigners required to pay tax in Haiti.

The NIF on the fiscal identity card is made up of 10 digits.

What about the Haiti national identification card?

The Haiti national identification card (carte d'identification nationale) was supposed to replace the fiscal identity card. This card was created on 7 July 2005 for the 2006 elections. This card was also supposed to replace the Haiti elector's card, which was issued for the last time for the 2000 elections by the Haitian Provisional Electoral Council (Conseil électoral provisoire d'Haiti)

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Nadege Jocelyn says...

My mom lost her NIF CARD, she lives in Haiti, where and how can she obtain a new NIF

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Edeline Paul says...

dapre MWEN AYITI deja ap gouvene linive

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Eddy says...

Zafè ke on peyi ap tounen on gran peyi a, sa pa tonbe sott nan syèl. se bon jan planifikasyon, edikasyon, fòmasyon profésyonel, civism, asenisman, enfraestrikti e politik ekonomik ki bay

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Beaudelaire says...

Pawòl pozitif sa yo bon...

yap ede nou

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Amonnon Louis says...

Rien n'est plus important de garder votre identite ds le moment le plus difficile ds l'histoire de notre pays. Malgre votre reference dans la Societe.

Haiti deviendra "Kew vlel Kew pa vlel" un grand pays. Ce jour n'est pas trop loin il arrivera a un moment ou personne NE pense.

Je vous aime tous que Dieu benis

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Zamor Donald says...

Envoie le moi sur mon

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Zamor Donald says...

Envoie le moi sur mon

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Zamor Donald says...

Puis je avoir mon

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Saint_louis Fabinson says...

Jacmel needs

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Pedro Kersaint says...

I lost it I really need it to get my passport

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