David Rudder - Haiti I am Sorry

David Rudder - Haiti I am Sorry

In 1988, Calypso singer David Rudder of Trinidad & Tobago, produced the classic calypso song "Haiti, I'm sorry".

In the chorus he sang :

Haiti, I'm sorry
We misunderstood you
One day we'll turn our heads
And look inside you
Haiti, I'm sorry. Haiti, I'm sorry
One day we'll turn our heads
Restore your glory.

Today, many all over the world can identify with Rudder's core sentiment, 'Haiti, I'm sorry', even if they do not buy into his argument. For Rudder had maintained that : "Toussaint was a mighty man/And to make matters worse he was black/Black and back in the days when black men knew/Their place was in the back/But this rebel, he walked through Napoleon/Who thought it wasn't very nice/And so today my brothers in Haiti/They still pay the price...yeah, yeah..."

Text by user Sasaye @ forumhaiti.com

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In June 2009, I was guest at the Tambrin Radio station in Tobago. I was introduced by this strange Calypso music singing "Haiti I am Sorry" and I can't begin to tell you how shocked I was; it was the first time I heard it...

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Prentice Wilson says...

This is a nice song in surprise.

a lot of ppl don't give David Rudder more credit than they do these days

very nice

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Elizabeth says...

i cant help myself but cry every single time i listen to this song. a beautiful, meaningful song sing by a beautiful

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Sonia says...

I love, love, this

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