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Haiti Alert - The Hurricane season is at our doorsteps again!

Hurricane season 2018 has arrived. What are Haitians living in Haiti to expect this year? Forecasters are expecting an average number of hurricanes... more »

Haitians do not need a visa to go to Chile

Haitians do not need a visa to go to Chile more »

Happy Anniversary Marco, Radio Scoop FM

Bonne Anniversaire Mr. Marco, Radio Scoop FM. Nou aprann ou gek gen 40 lane. Jwi laj 40 ou non fre pam. Nou pa rele radio, nou pa pale nan radio... more »

Bonne Fete Radio Television Caraibes

Bonne Fete Radio Television Caraibes. Just realize that I listen to you guys at Radio Caraibes almost everyday of my life. Happy Aniversary to Radio... more »

Assuming this man goes out every day to make ends meet, he will...

Assuming this man goes out every day to make ends meet, he will save over 140,000 gourdes per year just by switching to propane... Wow... more »

New Haiti Home with a Mountain View

Haiti - Gade jis kote yon moun ap konswti yon kay... Nan tan lontan, yo te rele zònn saa "andeyò"... NOT anymore... Now this is a Haiti... more »

Haiti Construction - Gen yon wout ki pwal pase laa...

Gade photo saa byen... Sapatè Haiti - nan yon ti bout tan, ap gen yon wout ki pase exacteman kote ou we machinn saa pake a... Ap gen kay nan de... more »

Haiti Prime Minister Lamothe: My staff spoke to explorer Barry Clifford

Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe tweets: "Yesterday, my staff spoke directly with explorer Barry Clifford and he said this find is for the Haitian... more »

Columbus' flagship Santa Maria could be raised on put on display in Haiti Museum

Barry Clifford who found the remains of the Santa Maria in Haiti says: "If excavations go well, it may ultimately be possible to lift any surviving... more »

Haiti - Bandi atake Dany Laferriere, Yo volè iPad li

Mezanmi... Bandi atake Dany Laferrière nan Pòtoprens... Yo volè iPad misye ki genyen anpil document enpòtan ladan li... Dany di... more »

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