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Aboudja Bo Houngan died of Aids not cancer Houngan Matt

Houngan Matt??? Abougja Bo Houngan died of Aids not cancer. Matt do not go there trying to bully a woman over a reply to this post. Anybody can... more »

Houngan Matt's new name "Yo Pa konnen"

Houngan Matt You replied under the name " Yo pa konnen" that should be your spiritual name. Because you don't know, lol. Trying to talk about other... more »

Houngan Matt know your place!

Know your place Houngan Matt. How dare you come on a Haitian website and call a Haitian man a "thief"? You are one trying to steal OUR religion. You... more »

Oh oh! And you ad begging for people to buy your bottles said...

Oh oh! And you ad begging for people to buy your bottles said " Papa" Simbi! Fool, you know nothing about him. Not even his colors. You have never... more »

Houngan Matt, Stay out of Haitian People's business

"Houngan" Matt is a bogus houngan, who had a bogus ceremony. They made an ass out of the white man who wanted to be Haitian. Now he thinks he is a... more »

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