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Vote for the best City

Woody, this idea just came to mind. Can you create a survey where we can vote for the best city to visit when visiting Haiti? I know that we have... more »

Stay awake and smell the coffee

Woudy, May be it is for the better because you do not want the pilots to go to sleep while in the air so they had to wait for the coffee maker to be... more »

pa pedi sa non ti pap

Dude you are sooooo lucky to find your green card or else those dominican would change the name to Woodyo(lol). Bon si ou pat jouen-n dokiman sa yo... more »

Jessica contact me via email

Jessica, I would love to give you some information about Jacmel. If you want you can emailme at franty.cleophat [at] I can get your mom... more »

Jessica in respond to your post

Jessica let me tell you something. Fear is a barrier to your dreams. If you are afraid to to take action, then actions will never be taken nor... more »

365 Days of resolutions

Woody,I must say one thing I like about you is that you have a vision. I noticed that since I met you in "Vin---" Cambridge, MA. We are both young... more »

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