Whatever what people say, Président Martelly is there for...

Patrick Princivil - November 10 2012, 9:31 PM

Whatever what people say,

Président Martelly is there for minimum 5 years.

If Michel Martelly's son or daughter or wife make mistake, I don't see any reason to try to cut grass under Président Martelly's feet. I am seventh day Adventist, all the time they catch a pastor or any seventh day Adventist's member in something wrong, always they try to accuse the whole community of seventh Day Adventist.

Whatever good or bad, Président Martelly is There for minimum 5. (Desordre la fini)

President Martelly sé pa nom-m manman-m li yé, sam vlé nou kon-nin, si Président Martelly ap barré volè yo pou yo pa kouri a caisse l'état a, sé pou bien nou min-m peuple Haïtiens.

Pagin interêt pou nap vin essayé mélangé Président Martelly ak kidnapè.

Nou té voté li sé pou nou supporté li, nou trop magrouillè.

Sé dure sa nou égoïste, pou nou magrouillè encore.

I was in Haïti from May 1997-August 1997,
at this time Jean Bertrand Arristid was Président.

What I saw: a haitian's man drove a pick up truck with a yellow man on the top of the truck with a heavy weapon in his hands.

I see this weapon in the war only, this yellow man had a mask in his face and a heavy weapon in his hands, for sure the yellow was going to fulfill a criminal's action.

Where was the Haitian's police?

Why they closed eyes at this point?

They close eyes on the yellow man, but they was looking for young Haitian's people to destroy for criminal, they grab them like sheeps and kill them for zinglindo, because they was so poor, they didn't have money to negociate under the table, they became the looser.

The yellow gun's man had money to give them under the table, the gun's man became the winner.

They pretend say the police men killed young people and trow them (Titanyin) maybe eat them, they are demon's process.

Pa foutre permettre nou accusé Président Martelly nan tintin nou, sé konsékans la par ce gros volè ki té la avant Président Martelly yo pat bay bon exemple.

Nou pa min-m besoin perdu tan nou attacké Président Martelly, si nou gin plan pou attacké Président Martelly, attacke-l nan fin mandat li ya, si BonDyé ba nou pouvoir,

Lavalas, Unité, Jean Claudiste, Duvalierist pa ladan, après 5 ans Président Martelly a choisi yon l'autre nom par ce que mwen ettendre lumière 4 parties sa yo.

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