Clifford Brandt Arrested In Haiti For Kidnapping

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Topic: Clifford Brandt Arrested In Haiti For Kidnapping

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Incroyable! It's too early to pass a judgment. read more >
Marco, 23-Oct-12 9:45 pm
Clifford should be executed after this terror. On salopri consa suppose mouri. read more >
Mirleine, 23-Oct-12 11:13 pm
Se rete mwen tap rete tann nouvel sa. Kidnapping en Haiti pata ka janm oganize bay ti malerez. Fok ta gen gwo moun deye l. Sa se komansman an. Wap... read more >
Damebochie, 24-Oct-12 12:26 am
Shame on him and his family. The only victims the familly and loves one who lost their lives. Will they ever find justice, hopefully not or maybe... read more >
Stephanie, 24-Oct-12 3:30 am
He must be executed by an executive order right on. read more >
Blaise, 24-Oct-12 5:03 am
That a good news for justice in Haiti. Good job Haitian police man think`s read more >
Ronald, 24-Oct-12 6:10 am
No perfect crime read more >
Samson, 24-Oct-12 7:08 am
Li gen le msye Klifford koupab si toutfwa li avoue ke'l konplis nan kidnapi-n. Kounyea nou tout na konprann ke lajan pa fe mou-n e nitou li pa... read more >
Bill, 24-Oct-12 7:35 am
this man, he is a villain, he deserves to be condemned for the rest of his life. he was not born in a poor family, but it is not satisfying to those... read more >
Jonathan, 24-Oct-12 9:11 am
I am hoping that this kidnapping ring list leads to all of former Lavalas officials who we all know had been involved in kidnapping for years. Let's... read more >
Derrick, 24-Oct-12 9:57 am
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