Aba Martelly - Manifestation In Port-au-Prince

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Topic: Aba Martelly - Manifestation In Port-au-Prince

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Humm.... Could it possibly have anything to do with the construction of THREE soccer stadiums? While people don't have the basics like clean... read more >
Colette, 15-Oct-12 9:55 am
Fe yon jan ak Moise Jean-Charles, si se pa sa ou pap fe tout tan ou la, sanzave sa se yon poizon violan li ye. read more >
Carl, 15-Oct-12 4:33 pm
With respect to all our people who die on january 12 earthquake, what is it going to take, another earthquake? for these evil... read more >
Cj, 16-Oct-12 1:53 am
Listen my people! I am born in Haiti 1961; about my criminal record from Haiti -US-Canada: no such thing about me. I am not a crazy person who don't... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 16-Oct-12 5:22 am
There is a reason the Haitian's people are upset and try to kick out President Martelly, why? I believe that, the hypocrites rejected Jesus and... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 16-Oct-12 6:20 am
Martelly pa remet anyen li dwe le. read more >
Richelle, 16-Oct-12 2:18 pm
Has anyone stop and think? If the people who are calling for president Martelly to vacate office before his term is due were really relying on the... read more >
Cj, 17-Oct-12 5:11 am
Salut: Opinion pa mwen, m'pakwe se yon bon lide pou mande yon president elu demisyone. Mwen plis kwe l-ap pibon pou mete presyon popullaire sou... read more >
Duly Oxceva, 17-Oct-12 8:15 pm
Mwen pa kwe nan kout vole deta ditou, apwe le Michel finni. Aristid gen poul retounen sou pouvwa pou'l ka finn fe res tan pal yo ok. bon travay Michel read more >
Katchapikam Pou Plim, 19-Oct-12 4:21 pm
Gade pwoblem Ayiti se pa kesyon de prezidan, se yon kesyon pou tout ayisyen vire do yo bay vodou, bay sa ki mal epi remet peyi a bay Bondye dako read more >
Gabriel Nehemie, 23-Oct-12 10:58 am


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