Guys, be smart, anybody who don't serve the Lord God in heaven...

Patrick Princivil - September 13 2012, 8:13 AM


be smart, anybody who don't serve the Lord God in heaven will follow Satan.

That doesn't mean I accuse anybody, I am not God. I believe President Martelly is the best President to develop Haiti for now, maybe the next President will be a real Chritian like King David, Salomon, Queen Esther, Smuel, Moses, Smuel, Joseph etc. even thou that, they was not perfect.

God knows our weakness more than us, I don't believe President Martelly will choose a thief to rob Haiti like before, the criminal dry all the money in Haiti and stick them in the other countries?

Exodus 20:3-17 or Deuteronomy 5 are the law God gave us to practice.

If we follow what God tell us to do, we will never be in the wrong situation like that

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