What do think about the whole chaos in Haiti?

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In my church two Sundays ago the preacher was talking about Haiti.

right now, people carry pieces of paper that contain their identification for if they don't make it back home.
In December Mr. Colon Powel was in Haiti and the UN had to protect him from gun shots around.

How do we put an end to that chaos?

If there is no law, someone has to start making some because it is a country for God sake. People are living like animals in a civilized world.

It is not to late to start but someone has to do it.
I believe we should have chain gang. In order to do that, everybody in the country should have a picture idea made by the government.

An idea that contain registered picture and finger prints for there can be duplicates.

If anyone ever found in the street without it, he/she should be taken straight to jail with a fine and if that persone is found armed, he/she should be taken straight to chain gang. make them build raods, train tracks, houses, farming etc because they are the ones scaring away investors.

Last time I said something about the tap-taps that should be eliminated, the stores that
that have to have proper license for each product such as tobacco, alcohol certain food etc. Street venders most have license etc. All school should have certain activities
that will help kid to learn about each other such as cafeterias, working progresses tutoring, mentoring and work shops etc.
We all can testify how great the USA is because of its laws and one helping the other to survive.

A country with laws progresses
but one without is a waste to nature and a nuisance to the civilized world.

We have been blaming everyone
for our poverty specially the United states and France but tell me one country that ever blamed us for their failures?

If I could send this to my government, I would, at least I would be the first and count on you to back me up.

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