All of this saying will not realy solve the main problems...

Polish Brass - June 29 2012, 12:00 PM

All of this saying will not realy solve the main problems, first of all many so call Haitians I met said they are christians, and baptize, or reborn when I ask them according to the Bible scriptures what is your nationality they steal saying they are Haitians now for some one who study, and examine research the HOLY SCRIPTURES INCLUDE THE HITTING BOOK APOCRYPHA knows this is very important, and a dangerous matter not realy knowing who you are according to the HOLY SCRIPTURES take example when so call Jesus CHRIST, and his disciples in MATTHEW 10:5, and 18:11 CHRIST told them He came for the LOST SHEEP not knowing the TRUTH JHON 8:32 who you are today YOU ARE LOST, and don't know where you going, or future and that's a curse from the HAEVENLY FATHER FOR BREAKING HIS COMMENDMENT.

DEUTERONOMY CHAPTER 28, AMOS3:1-3, JEREMIAH-17:1-10. If the so call Haitians, and the other Lost Tribes study, and understand the HOLY SCRIPTURES they will know that they are living through prophesy of the HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Now here comes wisdom those slave masters know who you are that's why they do not want slave to learn how to read, and write, the so call Jewish, or zionist had taking your heritage, and make slave out of you to build their Empire, or kingdoms this is what the so call haitians, and the rest of the LOST SHEEP, RO TRIBES need reconize, repent, and come back to their HERITAGE THAT'S WHAT WILL FREE THEM, AND SAVE THEM.

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