Right on point, Lisa. It is about time we stopped that blanket...

Bernadette - June 20 2012, 10:01 PM

Right on point, Lisa. It is about time we stopped that blanket victimization about Haiti and Haitians.

Above all, your seeing Haiti as part of a global network with problems indigenous to any country around the world.

Haiti is not unique in its problems, trials and tribulations.

We have problems like any other country around the world.

It is through understanding the world, we might understand where our country fits in the puzzle.

We are a strong people with strong convictions with a strong past. We are our own masters, true masters of our own destiny.

We are slaves no more. There is no good reason to trust or to rely on our neighbors with our lives.

Okay, the new Constitution is not perfect, we did not get everything we thought we were getting.

Why can't we see it as a stepping stone?

Nothing is written in blood.

We can WORK toward amending the constitution at a later date for improvements.

In all fairness, I believe, given the situation in Haiti, the President is doing splendidly.

Us the Haitian diaspora who supposedly can think rationally and positively should understand how the president, as a new comer to the political scene is making such visible strides to move the country up AND forward need to support his government not blindly but positively.

To sum in all up: We need to see the glass as half full instead of half empty all the time.

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