1, Take The Lead, I Got Your Back!

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pourquio vous neux donne pas l'internet haiti

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Topic: 1, Take The Lead, I Got Your Back!

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pourquio vous neux donne pas l'internet haiti read more >
Topic, 15-Jan-05 10:35 pm
This was a great article. Very empowering. It really motivated me, thank you for it. As a matter of fact, I will print it out and share it with all... read more >
Topic, 24-Jan-05 5:55 pm
Mr Wes, Your comment was great and uplifting but sometimes thre is no need for critic. This box doesn't have speling and grammar check. Sometimes... read more >
Topic, 24-Jan-05 9:31 pm
Listen, I really didn't want to be out of line with my comment. I was just trying to help. There is nothing wrong with a little constructive... read more >
Topic, 25-Jan-05 5:52 pm
Well my friend you can see no one is perfect. You just made a mistake yourself and was it your falt? "take is as you please" Take it as you please... read more >
Topic, 25-Jan-05 6:42 pm
Good Evening Sir: Well, lets just leave it at that. Good DAy to you Thanks, wes read more >
Topic, 26-Jan-05 5:37 pm
Very impressive! This article really moved me. In fact, I had the opportunity to show it to a lot of student on campus in Reading, PA, the place... read more >
Topic, 27-Jan-05 2:39 am
Thank you for your kind coments, you and everone who commented about it. I am not a "Writer" I just write what I feel. Thanks again Woodring read more >
Topic, 27-Jan-05 2:48 pm
Very interesting, I'll certainly pass this one on.... Thx read more >
Topic, 31-Jan-05 6:10 pm


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