This is the best initiative to explain civic duties to Haiti...

Bernadette - April 1 2012, 9:46 PM

This is the best initiative to explain civic duties to Haiti that I have seen so far. It has inconsistencies and did not take into account present political scenarios and political games.But the intent was great especially coming from America as principal players in explaining to us what democracy is all about.

It is one of its kind and is a great beginning, the information is generic and could be applicable to any third world country.

Laws always exist in Haiti since 1804, the problem was following them or to put them into application.

We seem to have laws that we put on a pedestal to prove that we are a civilized Nation to others; Then, no laws to guide us in real life. This is the first time that I have seen the laws in its entirety advising and addressing the Haitian populace.

Great!!, I love it.
What I don't understand, however is why now?

that book was done since 2004, what took it so long to reach the general public?

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