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Hi Mr. Allen, Jim whichever one you prefer:
It is very easy to stand, and emit your idea before a such big audiance ---Internet surfers --- to explain how difficult and easy it is for someone to change its attitude!
Instead of coming with a list of ten (10) tips, how about you tell us how yours were helpful to you. Maybe your situation(s) will relate to someone else!
Allow me Mr. Allen to ask you few questions that will help me and hopefully other people:
1.- How will one think of oneself like one wants to be, when the ones who finally get there in our immediat environment are targetted and sometimes executed for reaching that precious goal?

2.- How will one immerse oneself --by reading books, articles, and magazine...--- when seven out of every ten people can not read?

3.- What population did you want to reach with this message Mr. Allen?

...I have more questions for you. I save them for next time.



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