I remember Carnaval in Haiti when I was growing up, and cannot...

Josy - February 1 2012, 3:23 AM

I remember Carnaval in Haiti when I was growing up, and cannot explain it. You had to be there at the time, and the parade use to pass in Bas Peu De Chose.

My mom was a huge fan of Nemours Jean Baptiste, and it was really a happy time. We then had Lobodia when I was a teenager, and I really miss it. I did not appreciate it as a kid, but do now and let's not forget Charles Oscar or Lamaillotte.

We will have beignets, and fresco with pistaches.

I can go on for a very long time, and you cannot relate if you did not grow up during those good old days. Ti Courie on his motorcycle, and the famous Ti Simone.


I unfortunately cannot go to Mardi Gras in Les Cayes, because I am afraid and do not want to be a victim.

I do not have enough money to travel in a bullet proof car, and hire a crew of bodyguards.

It is the only way that I would travel there, and it is so very sad. I hope that I will be able to go one day, and my last carnival was in 1985. I traveled from NY to Haiti, and have not been back there in over 25 years.

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