Kimbo, I was under the impression that you were an educated...

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I was under the impression that you were an educated person; however, based on the word that you just used, I would say not. You may be the first ghetto African I have ever encountered.

PS I would never mistaken an African from Congo as Haitian! Don't worry about that. Most of the Haitian I KNOW are mixed with French, African, Native Indian or Syrian.

My mom was half French on her mother's side and my dad is great grand mother was also French.

Haiti did not colonize Louisiana but a few thousand Haitian soldiers died in Georgia helping the US fight Britain in 1779 during the Revolutionary war.
I feel like your professor, today.

Here is another article for you to read:

Miami Herald
June 2002

North Miami officials recently met with their Savannah, Ga., counterparts to begin a groundbreaking effort to commemorate Haitians involvement in the Revolutionary War.

About 750 Haitian freemen fought alongside colonial troops against the British in the Siege of Savannah on Oct. 9, 1779. The role of Haitian soldiers in the battle had long been ignored, North Miami Mayor Josaphat Celestin said.

The delegations met Friday to establish a monument to be installed in the Battlefield Park Heritage Center, under construction near the Savannah battlesite.

Officials from both cities cemented the relationship that grew over the creation of the monument during a reception in December 2001 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami.

No date has been set for completion of the monument.

Savannah Mayor Floyd Adams Jr. pledged a plot of park land to the South Florida Haitian American Historical Society, which is funding the monument.

Mp, January 6 2012, 10:07 PM

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Topic: Video: Beyonce speaking Haitian Creole, Sak Pase?

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i'm glad i hear beyonce speaking creole,anyway beyonce creole is a goog=d language just continue to practie it.i'm haitian too i love my creole not... read more >
Christelle, 11-Nov-09 8:04 am
so was Louisianna colonised by Haiti,then? Oooohh,I comes that their creole is different from the one spoken in Haiti,then? I have been to... read more >
Kimbo Slice, 11-Nov-09 10:52 am
she's not hatienne, lets get a hold of Ourselves read more >
Carolyn., 13-Nov-09 11:14 pm
What difference does it make? Being Haitian is something that one develops by being involved in the Haitian culture. Back in the 18th century, it... read more >
Mac, 6-May-10 10:45 pm
very good! to come back to Beyonce's roots, she has roots from different background : Spanish, black louisiana, white French and even Ameridian... read more >
Kimbo, 7-May-10 1:27 am
As i'm concern about my Haiti. After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated. And bearing unmeasurable sufferings. Still now it's facing... read more >
Haiti Pride, 26-Oct-10 1:07 pm
I am not sure who you are or the extent of your education; however I must say that Haitian people do not need to have any claim on Beyonce. Our... read more >
M.p., 6-Jan-12 9:44 pm
Kimbo, I was under the impression that you were an educated person; however, based on the word that you just used, I would say not. You may be the... read more >
Mp, 6-Jan-12 10:07 pm
A big bravo to M.P. You say it all. I don't know why some Haitian claiming Beyonce. Beyonce can't even speaks proper English and if it wasn't for... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 15-Mar-15 7:12 am
@kimbo slice, wait a minute, did you call Haitian jk ass? No you are not. First of all, no Haitian want your stupid Beyonce, and who is she... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 15-Mar-15 7:57 am
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