I may have crossed the line by saying little negroes...

Garry - December 12 2011, 11:39 PM

I may have crossed the line by saying little negroes.

Therefore sorry.

When it comes to anger, you are an angry person.

Raw, I am raw.
Educated, I think that I am. I graduated from FIT one of the best in NY.
Christianity, neither you or I know jack.
We were forced to practice.

Nothing good can be forced upon others.

Nothing good has lies, facism and greed.

I never meant to answer you that way previously.

Sometimes one may seem diffrently in emails; so forgive me.
Seeing Haitians going crazy killing their own people after the earthquake because of what that preacher said. When the epidemi stroke Haiti, the same ignorance made them crazy again going around killing their own.
That says something, it says they have no clue about who they are.
If you don't know yourself, how would you know your brother and if you don't know your brother, how would you know God.
When you see you brother, you see yourself and you don't resemble Mr. Duer.

Response to:

OK, and I respect your opinion. Why are you so angry...

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