VIDEO - Oprah Winfrey In Haiti, First Look...

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Topic: VIDEO - Oprah Winfrey In Haiti, First Look...

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Well, it is good that more people will perhaps begin to understand the needs in Haiti. However, mostly I see people that come in and focus only in... read more >
Patsey, 13-Dec-11 9:55 am
I am longing for the time when the visit of any foreigner, celebrities or otherwise is a "Fait Divers". read more >
Legrand Parisien Salvant, 13-Dec-11 10:31 am
As powerfull as Oprah is, she never forgot where she came from!! She has done so much for the world; and if she took time from her busy scheduled to... read more >
Carolle, 13-Dec-11 1:42 pm
I am not sure why some of you are happy that Oprah is in Haiti, If yall recall the earthquake was a almost 2 years ago, If she really wanted to help... read more >
Jr, 13-Dec-11 11:47 pm
You are not sure of what? Haitians must take care of Haiti, Haitians are the ones knowing what Haiti needs, Oprah a very beasy person had found time... read more >
Miejo, 14-Dec-11 10:33 am
Everybody is busy, but they all took the time out of their busy schedule to come visit and see whats up ( almost 2 years ago) so How much did she... read more >
Jr, 14-Dec-11 2:36 pm
Took Oprah a life time to come and visit the first free black nation in the world. L;avenir nous diras si elle est sincere ou pas read more >
Jo, 14-Dec-11 5:59 pm
Most of your comments suggest that you are waiting for a savior from a diffent country to come save Haiti. Why don't you all get off your hinds and... read more >
Patrick, 15-Dec-11 10:00 pm
Our country needs to change according to our own vision. No one else's. Come on people! It's about time we make it happen! read more >
Patrick, 15-Dec-11 10:09 pm
Oprah really cares about the poor all over the world, and I can assure you this is not a show. She has enough money to just stay in one of her homes... read more >
Josy, 16-Dec-11 3:33 am
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