What about Jean Batiste Point du Sable born in St Marc first...

Jacko - December 4 2011, 8:56 PM

What about Jean Batiste Point du Sable born in St Marc first person to start what is now the city of Chicago, Col Josef Savary who was recruited by Gen. Jackson to fight the British in New orleans as a 2nd Major the highest ranked person of color who also fought with Toussaint, Audubon society born Jean Jacques Audubon in Les Cayes there is more all you have to do is to lift the carpet you will find a Haitian name Pierre Tousaint burried in St. Patrick catedrall in NYC the only foreigner waiting to be CANNONNIZED for all the good deeds in his lifetime when Gen. Bernardo De Galvez from Cuba was raising a fighting force to get the Brits out of Pensacola florida he enlisted our famous Chasseur Volontairs from Haiti the brits lost the city. We have a rich history all we have to do is LOOK FOR IT all the HAITIANS now living in the USA LEGAL OR NOT Our ancestors paided with blood sweat tears and made the ultimate sacrifice for the independence of the USA so I say DEMAND WHAT YOUR ANCESTORS PAID they did not have any VISA when they were dying for this USA Whenever a people asked for help to get their freedome Haitians answered the call From Bollivar in the South to Canada, whose Governor General is Michael Jean a Haitian Seek and you shall find Leve tapia nap trouve ampil

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