If this is true, it will be a good thing for him and the...

Jwag - December 2 2011, 9:55 AM

If this is true, it will be a good thing for him and the country.

For Clef he will be able to see some of the much needed things if he is there always.

For the country it will definitly generate some more income with other cleberties coming to Haiti because Clef lives here :-) This can let the world see that Haiti is safe for Clef so it is safe for everyone else.

This is a good opertunity for the counytry to show case our son and his return.

Internationsal concerts, travel agencies, Industries, Expeditionist/ Explores, etc. Lets bring them all to Haiti and let our country flourish like it should be.

This is good publizity for Clef andthe country so lets make the best of it.

God bless us all

Let's Get it

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I AM VERY HAPPY, hope he comes to stay in Lavallee...

si se pa yon politik move lap bon ampil pou peyi ya...

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