Trade Show In Hinche Haiti This Weekend

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Topic: Trade Show In Hinche Haiti This Weekend

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Yes I had been in Hinche, Haiti and I served the community for two years, and at that time I was an Army man in the year of 1961-63. May God... read more >
Calixte Guerrier Pastor, 2-Dec-11 9:36 am
Cheers!Let's boost the local tourism by first create infrastructures like secondary roads,decent hotels etc..Any hotel in the area? read more >
Rubani, 2-Dec-11 11:36 am
I never been there, well there is a lot of places I never been to in Haiti. I would love to visit there one day, so lets set it up and make it... read more >
Jwag, 2-Dec-11 11:55 am
My father probably know who you are, he was in the Haitian army for more than 30 years Lieutenant Galbaud, that is his name. Thank you for serving... read more >
Woody, 2-Dec-11 12:14 pm
Hinche is a very nice place, you would love it over there. People are more focused on the port cities so the Plateau Centrale tends to be ignored... read more >
Woody, 2-Dec-11 12:18 pm
I think it's fabulous a Fair being held in Hinche, i would have gladly gone if i was in Haiti at this time. I was in Hinche years ago when i was 11... read more >
Carol, 2-Dec-11 3:21 pm
It sounds great. I never been to Hinche. I wish that I could be there. Next time, it would be a great idea to plan those events way ahead so that... read more >
Bernadette, 2-Dec-11 9:42 pm


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