Marriott To Build First Hotel In Haiti

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Topic: Marriott To Build First Hotel In Haiti

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This is a very good idea. An international hotel in Haiti is the way to go. A lot of other countries in the caribbean have their economy... read more >
David Grant, 29-Nov-11 7:23 pm
I just love to read such good news.When that happens Haiti will really be opened to entrepreneurs.We want our Contry to go forwards.I will be the... read more >
Ronald Trenard, 30-Nov-11 9:29 am
indead this is a great idea.. I will use this hotel when I come to haiti..I am a memeber of the marriott hotel. Haiti is my country. We need other... read more >
Lherisson Domond, 30-Nov-11 2:33 pm
I would like to make a reservation on that mariott in Haiti but I couldn't find no contact information read more >
Gesner Nicolas, 11-Mar-15 4:56 pm
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