Dear, I have read your article and re-read it five (5) times...

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Dear, I have read your article and re-read it five (5) times.

I felt so so sad and at the same time extremely angry at myself, because each Single Haitian is guilty to what has happened to our beloved country.

First, to answer to your question (What will it take for Haiti to be OUT of that list???) MY ANSWER is simple; The government of Haiti should get a list of all countries that have put Haiti in this weird and unfair blacklist and give them 72 hours to produce proof of what they so called that HAITI is not a tourism destination.

We should compare the situation of these 9 other countries and try to match it with the situation in Haiti, even for the last 20 years.

So, if these countries can not proof that Haiti is bad as they said, them they should remove our beloved country from this list.

Second, I have been doing business in Rwanda for the last 3 years and I can tell you that even US will not dare put Rwanda in this list and even did not put Rwanda in the list even after the genocide where more than 1 million people died. Everything is about leadership and know who you are and what and how capable you are. Does Mr. President Martelly know who is he< what he can do?

how capable is he?

It is time to proof it and this is apply to everyone in this Government.

Third, this message is directly to Mr. Lamothe (Haitian Minister of foreign Affairs.

I read that you have been doing business in Africa, the HQ of your company is in South Africa (the Country) You know that Haiti can do much, much better than Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, etc...

So for the sake of God apply good things that you have seen

Jude Joseph, CEO
NetSys Computers
jude at

Third, I believe that Haiti, the government should stand up and request to be respected.

Jude Joseph, November 7 2011, 5:36 PM

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