Haiti New prime minister sworn in

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Topic: Haiti New prime minister sworn in

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The US process is not that different. They're just more organized about. For example, elections are done in November, Inauguration in January. VP... read more >
Jacques L., 19-Oct-11 2:31 pm
I'm glad we have a government in place now let see how long this one will last. With this military on rout they trying to stay in power forever. read more >
Jameson, 20-Oct-11 12:35 pm
Good, let us hope we can start a new chapter. Nonetheless, I have to go on record stating that we have lost 4 months for seemingly nothing. Gousse... read more >
Bernadette, 20-Oct-11 8:41 pm
as long as they are doing goodjob let them stay forever so what in seven months 700.000 kids go to school for free free. so why don't you go have... read more >
Wilky, 21-Oct-11 11:59 am
I understand you want things to move fast and efficient very badly. So do I. But the difference is that I have to stay objective. I don't want to be... read more >
Bernadette, 21-Oct-11 1:36 pm


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