Watch Haiti News on NBC Miami NonStop

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Topic: Watch Haiti News on NBC Miami NonStop

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If I lived in miami that would be great. But never the lest its a great step for haitians. read more >
Serette Cherestal, 25-May-11 9:24 pm
Wow, this is what we can call Lily; from the mud grows the mist beautiful flower. I can't find it in Comcast in Florida. By the way I have been... read more >
Garry Destin, 25-May-11 9:40 pm
I think God for that; however I can't watch the news cause I am in different states. It's about time we get our own tv news. God be with you all,and... read more >
Lucy, 25-May-11 10:36 pm
Is the most amazing thing for the haitian community n the US. N hold world whild. read more >
Labady, 25-May-11 10:42 pm
Iam verry happy for that big news for haitians people not only in Florida but around the world,this is the beginning the big news for haiti,I'm... read more >
Harold Fleurine, 25-May-11 11:47 pm
Oh yes. I won't miss it at all read more >
Marie Elie, 26-May-11 4:25 pm
Great News!! Love it!! Congratulations to you guys, you ROCK!! read more >
Tina, 6-Jun-11 10:04 pm


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