Do you think of Haitian STREET Vendors as Entrepreneurs?

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Topic: Do you think of Haitian STREET Vendors as Entrepreneurs?

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I have no issues whatsoever with a person who is trying to make some money to feed, and educate his children. Those small merchants are sending... read more >
Josy, 12-May-11 1:05 am
The street vendors are entrepreneurs but they are not businessmen. Most of these vendors worked for years for small change. A ti macham stays a ti... read more >
Jean Mirville, 12-May-11 2:11 am
Everyone needs to be treated with respect. You do not appreciate how hard another persons job is until you do it long as... read more >
Joyce, 12-May-11 6:29 am
Why haitian go to Dominican republican to stay.To me dominican republic just more organize,clean,safe and have more light complexion than haiti.I do... read more >
Richelle, 12-May-11 8:22 pm
They do not curse you if you look at their merchandises, and do not buy anything. I have been cursed in Haiti, and even called a thief for browsing... read more >
Richelle, 13-May-11 6:24 am
Yes they are! Strong entrepreneurs read more >
Kess, 30-Nov-18 1:09 am
So you're justifying having a lighter complexion as a good thing? The darker your skin the more benefits your body possess. read more >
Kess, 30-Nov-18 1:11 am
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