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Haiti's future is based on its ability to embrace innovation with the expectation of reproducing a modern renaissance.

In Speaking to the President Elect its clear to me that the ideal of the island will soon change.

We discussed the economic value to making Haiti a open market for trading goods and services and maybe even trading securities, like stocks and government bonds.

The Environment has changed and we must find a way to help the people see the future in having a safe environment for the flow of securities and services.

Since then I have spoken to one of the largest developers in Miami and we plan to help campaign for major infrastructural changes that will help get the island caught up to modern society in a matter of years and in a position to be a role model to other nation around the globe.

Adolphe Chancy Jr, April 16 2011, 8:43 AM

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Thank you Adolphe for actively listing solutions. We are finding too many people stating that the problems are overwhelming and too many ready for... read more >
Regine Barjon, 17-Apr-11 11:15 am


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