Jobs, Basic Services, Accountability and Responsability

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Dear Mr. President, Again congratulations for your new position.

Allow me to speak freely and express myself from the bottom of my heart.

First, Mr. President, if deep down you believe that you have been elected by Haitians who are in the ground, then you should understand the following messages they sent to you.

a) Haitians have 4 needs; Jobs, Basic Services, Accountability and Responsibility.

b) Haitians have elected you, even knowing that you are new, without any political experience.

Meaning; they are willing to explore new things, they request to get FRESH BLOOD, and the same way they have elected a fresh blood President.

Haitians have stopped electing people that have been there for the last 25 years.

c) Haitians always voted for other candidates, meaning you need to listen to all Haitians that want to contribute positively for our beloved country.

Even new President means New Prime Minister and even new cabinet, but every single Positive Haitian can provide and help to build Haiti.

d) Haitians believe that you, Mr. President should set up an international team of Advisors to get the job done.

I strongly believe that you should mobilize the Haitian Diaspora and get maximum of what this Diaspora is doing for other countries; we have Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Policemen, Lawyers, IT people, etc

Jude Joseph, April 13 2011, 7:25 AM

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