Aristide has already sent his wife to the Dominican Republic

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Aristide is not going to be president of Haiti again.

Machetes been sold all over the country to counter protesters.

If Aristide, preval and manigat love their country that much, they should give it a chance at least to a new beginning.

If it comes to a civil war as usual, I hope they get a piece of their remedy.

I understand Aristide doesn't want to go to jail so he should go back to South Africa where he respects the law or Haiti should make respect its laws.
I am not for baby one bit but at least he managed to respect my people and my country.

The law should be impartial so Aristide should get a harsh punishment according to what he did and doing at the present time.
He gies there expecting a blood bath, so that's not a good country man.

Garry Destin, March 30 2011, 5:30 PM

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