about Wyclef incident

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Wyclef, stand firm and facing the orient when you send more prayers to the almighty, stay away from bloody politics my brother, you already make difference with your good work. Remember the one that are putting themselves as the chief bosses of the entire earth push, promote,advertise it as if it is an obligation.Them use politic to get us confused and lost, to make our people hating, destroying, killing one another.Even when you see the violence is done by a (compatriote),there are exterior forces behind it and behind every single thing that happen in Haiti and in the whole world .Things look worse in Haiti, cause we are seen as dangerous because of what we have done to the oppressors.This so called (man-made)earth-quake is another coward fatal kick in our butt. I think showing superiority is part of part of the game, mark my words our national palace will be assless, legless for a long long time, and i am sorry to tell you it is a symbolic sign showing victory for exterior devil forces over a peaceful and respectful nation facing a plotted plan for its elimination and destruction.You will be surprised to see majority of our brothers and sisters are already brainwashed to be helping the devil in its plan. I just know that we are at an unfinished very long war and i am sad to death and i feel like puking my guts off, just thinking about atrocities, injustice fellow humans can inflict on other fellow humans just for the sake of wealth, control and power.All i know is this we get to use pure and true love to stop this .We need to stop the blame game that the devil have taught us.The devil have designed crisis over crisis so the control of who comes in and out won't be done properly and the killing, the destruction en mass, the rape the kidnapping, experimentations,the use of bad chemical will be plenty and who cares, as long as the media continue to be threatened should they refuse to blame things on the actual leader and his men. Another big danger is those malefactors mingle with every walks of life, most of our planet wealth is under their paws and nobody nor any nation nor the rest of the world put together could match their arsenal in number and superiority.

I am very sorry and sad to hear another villain and humiliating story this time about brother Wyclef, may the ALMIGHTY bless and protect you .We are at war with unseen and unspeakable forces, be careful and do not keep your back unprotected.


Em, March 26 2011, 6:22 AM

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