I speak English...but understand French,,,,,and creole a...

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I speak English...but understand French,,,,,and creole a little..

Bernard, February 23 2011, 11:00 AM

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Topic: My Appologies To You If You Only Speak English

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According to me I feel confortable the way you writing your info. Keep writing that way ( french,creole, english ) read more >
Pascal, 22-Feb-11 7:10 pm
well, before i begin,allow me to congratulate-you, for this wonderful-work,you`re doing, in this community -website, as far as for me, i have no... read more >
Junior Joseph, 22-Feb-11 7:29 pm
wow, i do enjoy the way you are writing...and i am also agree with all the comments as well.. kontinye an angle epi mete yon ti epis kreyol la... read more >
Jeff Herard, 22-Feb-11 8:21 pm
I am fluent in all the mentioned languages: haitian-french creole,french,en- glish. An english text,salted with creole flavor or french,suits me... read more >
Willy Delerme, 22-Feb-11 8:47 pm
amitye klerin lakay just keep doing the good work okay later read more >
Dee, 22-Feb-11 9:41 pm
Thanks for your question about which language I speak,read,understand more fluently! The first of all, I am haitian; Creole is my first... read more >
Westimable, 23-Feb-11 2:58 am
Woodring: I speak, read and understand all 3 languages perfectly read more >
Ray Obas, 23-Feb-11 6:53 am
I was born in America but I have taught myself to read and write creole and speak it very well. People can't believe me when I tell them I was born... read more >
Astride, 23-Feb-11 9:09 am
I speak English...but understand French,,,,,and creole a little.. read more >
Bernard, 23-Feb-11 11:00 am
Moi Je parle francais, I speak English, mwen pale creole. I understand all language. Thank you for all the news. read more >
Nancy, 23-Feb-11 5:46 pm
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