Hey what up? Sakapf

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Hey what up?


Greg Martin, February 22 2011, 2:05 PM

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Topic: My Appologies To You If You Only Speak English

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I speak and read english but I like the creole because I try to learn to read it, and when It comes to french I try to read it but at the end of the... read more >
Fara, 22-Feb-11 12:46 pm
I think I like it when you spice it up with a little bit of creole. As for me, I enjoy, but I can't speak for all your readers. Great job!!! * read more >
Reagan Saint-fort, 22-Feb-11 12:47 pm
any of one,I can understand and read...but creole is my mother language... read more >
N.joseph, 22-Feb-11 1:22 pm
You doing just fine for me i speak all three thank you keep doing what you doing merci beaucoup read more >
Jonaspaul, 22-Feb-11 1:29 pm
I personally only know English, but can use Google Translate when I am intrigued by some subject. I suspect you have many English subscribers... read more >
Alister Wm Macintyre, 22-Feb-11 1:55 pm
french, english and spanish. Speak creole but I cannot read it. read more >
G.printemps, 22-Feb-11 2:00 pm
Brother, I have no idea what to tell you to do but may the Good Lord gives you great insight and wisdom to do and continue the work you are destined... read more >
Max Mills, 22-Feb-11 2:03 pm
Hey what up? Sakapf read more >
Greg Martin, 22-Feb-11 2:05 pm
I'm not trynna be rude or anything but my man do it in any language you want to.any language that you feel comfortable to write. I really to care... read more >
O Reginal, 22-Feb-11 2:28 pm
Woodring as others have said it, you keep the news coming, in the state where I reside with no Haitian creole radio or TV show. I rely on you bring... read more >
Cj, 22-Feb-11 2:29 pm
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