how are you doing. my credit is perfect.

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how are you doing.

my credit is perfect.

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I believe living Haiti was a great move. I won't say decision, because it was not my decision at such a young age. However, I like so many other... read more >
Topic, 15-Aug-04 4:56 pm
Topic, 15-Aug-04 6:21 pm
Leaving Haiti was the best thing for me at the time. I left Haiti when I was 12 in search of a safer and better life. We were not "poor" but things... read more >
Topic, 17-Aug-04 2:48 pm
I am going back because of to much stress. I am going back because i never used to work on sunday. I am going back because i miss my real land,my... read more >
Topic, 18-Aug-04 5:59 pm
how are you doing. my credit is perfect. read more >
Topic, 27-Aug-04 3:13 pm
salut c'est moi ok bye read more >
Topic, 19-Oct-04 11:25 am
I voting for hate because I don't have one read more >
Topic, 25-Oct-04 1:27 pm
Peace for haitian, after 200 years of independance look at your self and ask your self what's haiti? this is your country you don't have others,only... read more >
Topic, 29-Oct-04 1:12 pm
I think that they should at least get the option,but they should decide..... It would be great thought... They wouldn'thave to learn English when... read more >
Topic, 29-Oct-04 2:25 pm
Coming to america was a dream now it is an obligation.We need to learn english at school in haiti.We'll be a bit more prepare for that american life. read more >
Topic, 29-Oct-04 2:48 pm
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