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Ever since the Earthquake I have been trying to tell everybody as best as I could that this product should have been used from day one. To:
1/ Treat the bodies before burial so as to only invite "Beneficial microorganisms" as decomposters.

The King of Thailand ordered rescue workers to spray the bodies with it when he had the same problem with the tsunami(it also deodorizers in minutes).

2/ In Agriculture, the fact that it can make beautiful compost in 4-6 weeks and encourage local Beneficial microorganisms to do their wonders, it would be able to help Haiti rebuild its soil(in my opinion with biochar) to make Haiti's new farmlands Organic and more productive than with fertilizers.

3/ In Aqua culture, it is able to detoxify the water again in 4-6 weeks to the extent that fisheries that use it have bigger and healthier fish than antibiotic and hormone fed fish that I was crying out to everybody to at least try a test to see if that would be a better solution to the Cholera in the water and the camps than bleach.

4/ There is a way of sprinkling the dry-fermented product on both kitchen waste, in a 5gal. paint bucket(w/ lid) and when full let it stand for two weeks, bury it for 7 days and voila a new garden and toilet waste, sprinkle a spoonful of it down the hole and it also deodorizes.

5/ It is used in concrete to prevent sulfides from leaching out of the concrete and when used in sewers, preventing the sulfuric gases normally formed.

6/ It is used to remediate lands of a lot of toxic substances - in incinerators and on oil spills.

7/ It helps coral grow by cleaning the debris on them and processing the saltwater, like when treating saltwater to supply minerals for plants in Agriculture.

8/ By making different liquid composts one is able to feed the plant-soil, prevent unwanted insects from landing and I have revived a cankered orange tree.

9/ Makes making bio-gases 30% more efficient than present methods.

10/ Bio-char is enhanced when treated with this product.

So why is it that no-one has time for my knowledge.

We need solutions and I have a lot to offer but just because I need to support my family and don't have time for all the email work to get noticed including repeated contacts, the people from the NGO's and UN and CIDI and USAID and UNESCO and UNICEF have not had time for me. I wish Sean Penn could have time for me because I would show him the beauties of this product and would travel Haiti showing how to use this product that is simple, efficient (by self-nurturing and being primordial).

In each town I visit I would leave CD's of the information and enough of this product for one month.

It would make for a Healthy Haiti but I need and will accept his help. It would make a great documentary.

In having to start from zero let's do it right by making local farming a priority.

One needs food before money to be able to work and we don't want to exasperate the environment with fertilizers which cost an arm and a leg.

How to be free by having a full stomach.

Jean-luc Giraud, January 15 2011, 3:51 AM

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