Very beautiful indeed but my questions are: who is the...

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Very beautiful indeed but my questions are: who is the architect, is he an Haitian?

why on the sea now, is it safer on the sea than land, what about a grade five hurricane.

Will these people will be able to pay insurance for glass houses, i presume will be made in stainless and glass?

Sometimes ago i made a suggestion on this site but unfortunately wasn't so much people did pay attention to it.Let me add here one more time because my visions for my country are still alive and affordable.

If i were the government i will make some prefabricated houses in bulk build in cement in a mould then join them together which can be transported from the factory to the site. If we make 10 a day may be by the next 6 months we could have thousand of them standing by now. Because the government will provide the lands then the people could be charged a monthly fee as a mortgage at an affordable price of course.

Then build some good roads, good sewage system, good drinking water and light then the technology will fall into place .Right now is not that type of luxe Haitians people are demanding, they just want a safer place to come out of the streets.

Above all the government want the places to begin the reconstruction.

Why they want to come up with that idea to slow down the Haitian progress.

My question to these designers, how much is it going to cost Haitians people to build a bridge for us from Gonaives to La Gonave then we can go and develop there?

which can accommodate more 2 million people than a floating island who can accommodate 30.000 rich Sharks.

Max, January 10 2011, 2:41 PM

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Topic: a floating city in haiti?

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you assume all haitians are poor and that only haitians want to live in haiti. you are forgetting that haiti is the caribbean country everybody... read more >
Jean, 10-Jan-11 11:28 am
Now i get why they are building the super duper tunnel. It is to connect it to the floatting city. Haiti-Quisqueya ou Dubay... Smh! read more >
Lejacobinnoir, 10-Jan-11 11:42 am
i think dats a good idea but wat ya gonna do bout the weather like wen a storm is coming at us??? and is the city gonna be under the haitian... read more >
Rhod, 10-Jan-11 11:55 am
Very beautiful indeed but my questions are : who is the architect,is he an Haitian? why on the sea now, is it safer on the sea than land, what about... read more >
Max, 10-Jan-11 2:41 pm
that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i really dont think its going to happen,,,,,,,,especially if the haitian government have anything to do... read more >
Ericka, 11-Jan-11 6:04 pm
Harvest city apppears to be a demonic idea for the future of haiti. I supposed the mason seal should remain where they are in Washington D.C... read more >
Mario Philo, 11-Jan-11 8:34 pm
Who said that masonery is not in Haiti? I'm sorry, but you're not well informed. read more >
Rose-marie, 13-Jan-11 12:28 pm
Are you people STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right minds would go live on a "floating city". You people are crazy and I bet you didn't even... read more >
Dada, 15-Jan-11 10:10 pm
Me too!i would be so happy prbably take my car drive until I hit someon. read more >
Richelle, 30-Jan-11 7:37 pm


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