We can substitute the same items for healthier versions, and...

Josy - January 7 2011, 8:48 PM

We can substitute the same items for healthier versions, and we did it in Haiti.

We can use olive oil instead of grease, or cheap oil and remove the fat from the meat before cooking it. We can also use smart balance instead of butter (the yellow one), and season our meals with fresh spices.

I personally cannot stand brown rice, and the restaurants use the cheapest rice. The rice, and beans will come out better if they used Jasmine or Basmanti rice. We can use fresh fruit, and honey in our drinks.

I would rather pay one dollar extra for a meal, and I value my health.

We have issues with salt, and I use very little salt in my cooking at home. My parents loved salt, and did not like my food. The radio stations, and pastors should talk about healthy cooking to educate the public.

It is not going to be 100% organic, but let's aim for 75 to start the new year and take care of our health.

It is a lack of respect to use the cheapest ingredients, and we do not care about each other.

The salted pork meat (andouille) in the cooking is poison for our bodies, and I enjoy the meals made with salted pork more than others.

I do not eat rice daily, and indulge once a month.

Haitian cusine is pretty healthy, and we need to change the preparation.

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