I believe the reason that the money did go to the Haitian...

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I believe the reason that the money did go to the Haitian Government is pure and sample.

Whenever money comes there is a personal budget for it which include new cars for the little mistresses, money in foriegn bank accounts and retirement homes in Boca Raton.The world knows that our government system past, present, future is corrupted.Now every big official feels the pain of not being trusted.

It is a shame to let something like this going under your nose and have no power to do anything about.

The haitian government never considers its people like human beings because the number of patripoches outnumbers the patriots.

I feel the pain of feeeling left-out but it is a reality check.

Myrtho Charles, January 3 2011, 8:13 AM

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Topic: Haitian Prime Minister Criticises Haiti Recovery Efforts

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It seems to me that the donor agencies have no confidence in the Haitian Government. Many of those agencies have e in the past that monies given to... read more >
David Grant, 2-Jan-11 5:26 pm
well, take a look at the respond of the present government after the earthquake and the result of the last election and you will find why the NGO`S... read more >
Guilbert Printemps, 2-Jan-11 6:04 pm
You know what the haitian government does with foreign aid money its no secret everyone knows. The Haitian people as well as the government know why... read more >
Walloo, 2-Jan-11 6:13 pm
Where did Rene preval get the 45 million dollar check? read more >
Garry Destin, 2-Jan-11 6:34 pm
Mr. Bellerive is correct. Someone should hold the NGO accountable for the money they receive. Thet have free range to operate in the country with... read more >
Pierre, 2-Jan-11 6:41 pm
The prime minister is right.How can you come to my country to rebuilt, to decide how you are going to run bussiness without the knowledge of the... read more >
R Lustin, 2-Jan-11 6:58 pm
Well, the country is under occupation, under the >. When you are not mature enough to govern yourself and let other to do it for you, you have to... read more >
Guilbert Printemps, 2-Jan-11 8:32 pm
the haitians goverment never show it self to be reliable and self worthy.who will show any interest to such administration please tell me Mr... read more >
Martine Civil, 2-Jan-11 11:57 pm
I disagree with you,prime minister and minister of plan;ki yes ki invite yo Haiti.Ki plan yo te defini bawou nan minister a e Combien ayisyen ki... read more >
Sergo Jean, 3-Jan-11 5:33 am
I believe the reason that the money did go to the Haitian Government is pure and sample.Whenever money comes there is a personal budget for it which... read more >
Myrtho Charles, 3-Jan-11 8:13 am
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